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Pallet is gearing up for its 2024 Nordic tour titled Ba Man Khial Kon (Dream Away with Me). For the first time, the band will perform live in Finland, marking a significant milestone in Helsinki on August 18th, 2024.

Building on the success of their previous tour eight years ago and the highly acclaimed 2024 North American tour, Pallett plans to captivate audiences with performances showcasing songs from their latest album Nesf ol Nahar (Prime Meridian), along with popular hits such as Mosallas, Tamam e Natamam, and Naro Beman.

PALLET BAND Live in Helsinki


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shallow focus photo of black microphone

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An Entry to Iranian Music was a series of eight-session lectures, workshops and performances held in the Museum of Impossible Forms, Helsinki in 2020-2021. This project was curated by Aman Askarizad.