Safer Space Guidelines

Respecting safer space guidelines ensures a welcoming, safe environment for all.

band performing on stage in front of crowd
band performing on stage in front of crowd

Respecting Personal Space:
Always respect everyone’s personal space, both physically and mentally. Seek consent before initiating any physical contact and be attentive to others' boundaries. Adapt your behavior if someone expresses discomfort.

Respecting Diversity:
Avoid making assumptions about others based on their sexuality, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, values, socio-economic background, ability, or health. Use correct pronouns and names, and be mindful of your own privileges.

Body Positivity:
Refrain from commenting on others' bodies or eating habits. Body discrimination and food shaming are not tolerated.

Respecting Opinions and Beliefs:
Value and respect the opinions, beliefs, and experiences of others. Avoid mocking, ridiculing, or disparaging anyone. Everyone's viewpoints should be treated with dignity.

Take responsibility for your actions and their potential impact on others, regardless of your intentions. Your behavior affects those around you.

Creating Inclusive Spaces:
Ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in discussions. Respect others' privacy and handle sensitive topics with care.

Intervening in Harassment:
If you witness harassment, intervene and offer support to the victim. Take proactive steps to address the situation rather than being a passive bystander. Offer assistance to those who have been harassed, respecting their wishes for support.

** In case of witnessing or experiencing any violations of Safer Space guidelines please immediately inform us.